Saturday, January 24, 2009

The sky on fire

Hellu in cyber space! As you can tell this is my first post here so welcome! I'm taking a course in "Marketing via new media" and as part of it we have been asked to start a blog. Since I love the beach and live right next to it (or in front of it, behind it?) I thought I would share some of my observations and reflections on life here. Thanks for stopping by and hope you'll enjoy some of my pictures and tales.

This morning I went surfing for the first time. My roomie Sara (see left) taught me some of the basics. Honestly, it was just as hard as I had imagined, which is why I have stuck to boogie boarding up to now- it's crazy easy and so much fun. But sure enough, surfing is the real deal and the challenge of learning it is part of the fun. However, the water is cooold and by the end of the session I couldn't feel my feet or hands. It's not for nothing I've been given the nick name Swedish fish.

Later this afternoon as I biked home on the boardwalk the sun found its way through the clouds and literally turned the sky on fire. My God, I feel so spoiled by these sunsets..


  1. nice blog... love the pics=) we should soon go surfing together. see ya soon, xx

  2. Great photos!! Yes, I have heard that boogie boarding (also called sponging) is easier but that surfing is more fun. Let me know what you think when you try it again. :)

  3. Åh, va kul att läsa och helt underbara the sunsets!!! Saknar dig....Kram syster yster

  4. Wonderful pictures and interesting blogs on PB. Well done.
    Joan..from class

  5. I used to live in MB in the early 80s. Things have not changed much, except prices. Only certainly off-beat people have now been replaced by others. When we have the 100-year-flood, wait and see what happens to the wall.
    Nice sunsset pictures. Get up real early in the morning, walk across Mission Blvd, and take a picture of the sunrise over the mountains--as pretty as any of the sunsets, IMHO. Nice blog.
    Alex from class

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